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Spring Time Care

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Yeah! It’s finally spring. Flowers and trees are starting to bud. And the grass is starting to grow. I’m excited spring triggers the start of a new mowing season. I want to provide some tips to get the grass growing strong and healthy through the growing season.

1. Rake the lawn. It’s essential to remove the thatch that has built up. This allow water, air and light to reach the grass.

2. Apply fertilize. Fertilizer with weed control is the best option for this time of year. The preemergent properties help halt the growth of weeds and feeds the lawn with essential nutrients to help strengthen the lawn.

3. Mow the lawn. Mowing the lawn is good for initializing the waking of the lawn. Adjust the mowing setting to between 3”- 4” in order to not harm the lawn by mowing too low.

4. Seeding lawn. If you have bare spots or other damage to the lawn it is the best time besides fall to apply seed. Prepare the soil by raking then apply top soil, spread seed, lightly rake into the soil and water. Use water frequently.

Enjoy your lawn.

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